Covid 19

This pandemic could have been stopped before it got out of control. We know that Donald Trump and other world leaders were made aware that it was airborne and very contagious in February of 2020. Some parts of the world have dealt with Covid19 much better than others so we know that it is possible to organize a better response.

World leaders could have:

  • Shut down the world economy

  • Support all those who need it

  • Work with communities to convince everyone to follow medical advice

  • Organize testing and tracking to ultimately eliminate the virus

But all of that requires a level of trust,  cooperation and organization on a global scale which doesn't exist. Now that vaccines are available, we face the problem of vaccine nationalism preventing cooperation and extending the pandemic.

Scientists know what we need to do to end this pandemic and prevent future ones. Scientists don't get to make political decisions though. We need a new way to run the world.

Democracy From Below