Capitalism is how the world actually works.

Politics is a game in which some people claim they can control capitalism.

The buying and selling of property and labour, in order to make profit, to accumulate more property, is the essence of capitalism. Adam Smith described how this process, in which individuals making decisions in their own interests, affects society as a whole. He called it the invisible hand.

Inequality, oppression, war, climate change, pandemic - are among the inevitable results of a system based on competition for private property.

For several centuries now capitalism has gone from boom to slump (or war) in fairly regular cycles. Devastating communities constantly. 

The climate won't allow that anymore. Capitalism is now destroying itself. 

Karl Marx said that capitalism creates it's own gravedigger, meaning that the working class will be able to organize itself to end capitalism. This has proven to be impossible so far. The Russian revolution and the period of revolutions that followed all around the world came nearest. When the Russian revolution began in February 1917, the working class created a new form of democracy to organize itself. The soviet system of democracy might have been able to spread around the world creating a global democracy if the Bolshevik party hadn't seized control of it, leading to civil war, and then confusion and demoralization on the left ever since. 

The internet allows us a chance to begin building a similar type of democracy based on community

Then together we can end capitalism.