Digital Community Centre for the World

Nearly everyone uses the internet but most are at the mercy of private corporations which treat us as a product to sell to advertisers. Humanity needs an alternative which we can trust. The only way we can trust any website is to remove the possibility of anyone being anonymous.

We will build this democratically controlled platform cooperative together. The services it will offer, depend on what we decide to create together. The goal must be a welcoming space in which everyone can participate equally, safely and comfortably. By using our real names and the communities we are part of, we can protect ourselves together from the dangers of anonymous users destroying the cooperative space we are creating.

Every website or platform is either privately or community owned and controlled. Because those in private hands must make a profit to pay the shareholders, they have no option but to exploit their members or users - by charging fees, selling data or advertising. At the same time, every website created is useful to someone. Here, we can cooperatively create every useful tool the internet has to offer without the negative aspects.

As this Digital Community Centre grows to include more people, we will be simultaneously creating a democratic network  based on grassroots communities which can change the world: Democracy From Below