Humanity 2.0

The earth has provided, like an all inclusive trip for humans. All we had to do was figure out how to share. Call it Eden if you want. Humanity 1.0 has brought us here, to capitalism - Lord of the Flies on steroids.

It started with the discovery of agriculture at least 10,000 years ago. At that time humanity unfortunately allowed our organized societies to be based on property rather than community. How could we know? And who would have decided? The internet is allowing us an opportunity to choose again. Let’s choose community this time.

The discovery of agriculture showed us that we can manipulate nature to gain more resources than were available to us before. With that knowledge, the choices that some of us have made, have brought us to the edge of disaster.

Those choices have always been made by those in control of property. Women were the first group to be treated as property so that men of property could maintain their bloodline in the transfer of property. White people invented the ideas of white supremacy in order to justify the sale of Africans as property. 

No one has lived in a world without property for thousands of years. Like fish trying to explain water, it’s hard for many even to imagine. John Lennon did. But we can’t simply imagine a better world into being - we have to organize it. Democracy From Below