Open Source Democracy

The concept of Open Source Democracy is Douglas Rushkoff's from 2003.

While it may not provide us with a template for sure-fire business and marketing solutions, the rise of interactive media does provide us with the beginnings of new metaphors for cooperation, new faith in the power of networked activity and new evidence of our ability to participate actively in the authorship of our collective destiny.

Many attempts have been made, but if anything, the world as a whole, is moving further away from democracy.

But changing the world world could never have happened on-line. We have to change the way political decisions are made in the real world. We can use the internet to organize that change, but democracy has to be based in real communities if it is to represent everyone equally. 

Open source means that no one can own it or control it's use. 

Open Source Democracy will belong to all the people equally. But we'll have to build it together first: Democracy From Below